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Common Uses of Tape - Aluminum Foil

Common Uses of Tape – Aluminum Foil

When you bring together the versatility of aluminum and the gripping features of tape, you end up with a handy tape that can be subjected to a wide range of applications. Aluminum foil tapes are not just shiny, but also cool and extremely durable. So strong is the tape that you will be surprised to know it is one of the few tape types that has found its way into the aerospace industry.

The tapes are pressure sensitive and will offer excellent performance even in sub-zero temperatures, not to add to the fact that they are flame retardant and also resistant to cracking. Here are some of the common uses of this versatile tapes:


Regarding packaging materials, aluminum foil tape was first used for packing during the First World War. They are ideal for protecting the packaged contents against damages caused by moisture, heat or vermin. This is why it is one of the preferred tapes for packing items that are to be transported throughout long distances.


Aluminum foil tapes are polymer coated, and they are perfect for coating electrical cables. The tapes can also be used for wrapping instruments, insulation cables, and any other temperature sensitive electrical material.

HVAC Systems

Duct tape is usually the perceived go-to tape for sealing ducts, but only if you need a quick fix. Foil tape has more advantages regarding HVAC applications compared to duct tape, and it is the ideal tape to consider for purposes relating to the HVAC system.


In addition to offering outstanding results with HVAC systems, aluminum foil tapes are also suited for construction applications such as in mineral thermal wood insulation, and reinforced fiberglass. It can also be used for repairing roofs and gutters.

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