The Common Types of Adhesives You Should Know About

The Common Types of Adhesives You Should Know About

Adhesive tapes are mainly used for joining surfaces. Their work is relatively simple as opposed to tapes used for applications such as fastening or welding where a number of surface conditions come to play if effective bonding results are to be obtained.

But for you to get the most out of adhesive tapes, it is imperative to know the common types as this knowledge will guide you on how they should be used. Below is a brief look at some of the common types of adhesive tapes that everyone who deals with tapes should know about:

Chemical-Resistant Adhesive Tapes

Some applications of tapes are on surfaces which are usually subjected to various chemicals and solvents. Such can easily break down and degrade normal adhesives. Chemical-resistant adhesive tapes are designed to resist the effects of adhesives and solvents making them the preferred tape type for applications in printing processes, manufacturing process and laboratory processes involving chemicals.

Heat-Resistant Adhesive Tapes

Tape applications which involve surfaces normally exposed to high temperatures such as in electronics, automotive and appliances should consider the fact that heat has the potential to degrade the adhesive in the tape, and for such applications, only heat-resistant adhesive tapes should be used.

Water-Resistant Adhesive Tapes

Water resistant tapes are for use in wet environments. Just like heat, water has the ability to compromise the integrity of the adhesives, leading to weak bonding after time. This is why water-resistant tapes are the preferred tapes for applications such as packing for overseas shipping, marine applications, weather-stripping and many other taping applications featuring dump conditions.

UV- Resistant Adhesive Tapes

UV-Resistant adhesive tapes feature a combination of acrylic adhesives and engineered film backing to offer reliable protection against the degradation caused by ultraviolet rays. These are the kinds of tapes ideal for construction and building materials, doors and window stickers, and outdoor signage amongst other applications where UV rays may be a concern.

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