A Closer Look Into Tesa Acx Plus and How it Achieves Superior Bonding Performance

A Closer Look Into Tesa Acx Plus and How it Achieves Superior Bonding Performance

Tesa ACX Plus is a type of acrylic core tape which can be used for permanent exterior and interior mounting and bonding applications. Our aim here will be to go through few more details about Tesa ACX Plus.

What gives Tesa ACX Plus the excellent bonding performance it is known for?

Tesa ACX Plus is able to achieve such excellent bonding performance due to viscoelasticity it has.

Such viscoelasticity results in better viscous and elastic characteristics, giving the tape inner strength and relieving mechanical stress.

Why high performance bonding tapes are required?

Constructive bonding is important for different industries and is considered to be quite a challenging task to accomplish. In addition, there are high tech materials having special structures and properties which are to be maintained.

Moreover, often times it becomes necessary to bond dissimilar things such as steel on glass, aluminum over steel, and deco glass over fiber composites.

Additionally, in many of these situations it might not be suitable to use mechanical fasteners such as liquid glue, screws, welds, or rivets as they may well result in damage to materials you want to bond.

In these circumstances, Tesa ACX Plus easily surpasses conventional methods due to its superior bonding performance.

What are the main benefits of using Tesa ACX Plus?

  • It is able to provide a long lasting bond for different materials even if they have varied surface characteristics.
  • Tesa ACX Plus is able to easily accommodate applied loads such as snow, wind, and bonded component’s load.
  • It offers high bond features due to the utilization of optimal wetting and the acrylic adhesive system is able to chemically adapt according to the bonded surface.
  • It is possible to adjust tape thickness for compensating uneven and rough surfaces. This makes it possible to create a permanent contact so that bonded substrate can be completely sealed.
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