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A Closer Look Into Features of Flatback Tape and Other Types of Tapes

A Closer Look Into Features of Flatback Tape and Other Types of Tapes

There are different types of tapes available ranging from flatback tape to printed packaging tape, protective film tape, adhesive tape, and others with their respective features and benefits. Our focus here will be on examining the characteristics of these tapes and the benefits of using them.

An Insight into Different Types of Tapes and Their Features

Printed Packaging Tapes

There are several advantages of using printed packaging tapes such as:

  • Better Traceability: These tapes prove to be useful in the food industry since you are able to print EC numbers on all the cartons and enhance batch and supplier identification.
  • Anti-Tamper Method: During shipment and transit, the use of these tapes proves to be an anti-tamper method, since if the tape is re-sealed or broken, then it can be easily identified.

Protective Film Tapes

If you want to safeguard finished products from chipping and scratches at the time of assembly or shipment, then this type of tape proves to be quite useful.

These tapes prove to be very low-expenditure, alternatives to protect large surfaces. Moreover, these can be used at the time of assembly, production, and transit.

Additionally, these tapes are used on carpets and windows for protecting them at the time of construction or when weather conditions are not good. The tapes are also used for protecting other materials like glass, metal, and plastic from damage or scratches at the time of shipping.

Lastly, these are available with varied adhesive levels, thicknesses, and colors to suit your specific requirements.

Adhesive Tapes

These are usually acrylic core tapes which are utilized for permanent exterior and interior mounting and bonding applications. The tapes are also known as high bond tapes since they provide fast, secure, and constructive bonds and at the same time, they are aesthetically pleasing. Thus, proving to be very useful for varied applications.

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