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Can Your High Temperature Tape Take The Heat

Can Your High Temperature Tape Take The Heat?

A number of people tend to think that the temperature tolerance of high temperature tapes is the same and as such, any type of high temperature tape will suffice for most applications. You should be aware that not all tapes are designed to withstand the same amounts of extreme temperatures, since each have their limits, and it is imperative to choose the right type of tape for the right application if you want results.

Not all high temperature tapes are designed the same

For a tape to be referred to as “high temperature tape,” it must have the ability to handle temperatures of at least 1000C. The highest amount of temperature such tapes can withstand will vary from one tape to another, with some having the ability to withstand temperatures of up to 2600C. This simply means that not all high temperature tapes are designed to take the same amount of heat and before you make your choice, you should have a good idea of the maximum temperatures you will expect the tape to withstand.

Uses of high temperature tapes

There are three basic applications for high temperature tapes: they can be used for providing thermal protection, for sealing and for joining. Perhaps their most common use is in heating ductworks, where they are used to seal leaks and join ducts together. The other common application of high temperature tapes is in wrapping electrical wires as well as other electrical components which are usually exposed to high temperatures. In addition, some high-temperature tapes such as silicone pressure sensitive tapes can also be used for powder coating and extrusion, coating and laminating processes.

Tape failure due to high temperatures

There will be consequences when tapes fail due to high temperatures. High temperatures are known to break down the adhesives and this may make the tape slip or it can cause the tape to melt, resulting into a fire. If the tape was used to bind two objects, then a failure would mean the objects getting separated, leading to a variety of problems. Therefore, be sure to know the tolerance of your high temperature tapes before you subject them to any application.

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