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branded packaging tape versus boxes

Branded Boxes Versus Branded Packaging Tape: Which One to Choose

For many people, one of life’s little pleasures is finding a package at their front door or in their mailbox. We’re not sure why, but there’s a certain excitement associated with receiving something physical after an online purchase and the appearance of the package certainly contributes to that.

Branded packaging lets clients know precisely what they have waiting for them when they see their package. It’s also a great way to connect with your customers and ensure that your brand identity is visible from sale to delivery. As a business owner, the right packaging choice will save you money while allowing you to promote your brand.

Role of Packaging in Building Your Brand Identity

Packaging is more than just a way to get your items to your customers; it provides a unique opportunity to advertise and build your brand awareness for anyone who sees the box. Think of it this way, when you order something from a large company like Amazon, Costco or others, what characterizes the product packaging? Brand visibility. These companies often use one of the following combinations to help promote their brand when delivering their products:

  • Branded box with custom tape
  • Branded box with standard tape
  • Generic brown box with custom tape

This way, the buyer, the courier and anyone else who happens to be in the path of the packaged product is exposed to the brand. More importantly, branded packaging builds customer confidence and adds to their excitement as they are able to identify where the product came from before they even open it.

Further to your brand, people want to know they are buying from a company that aligns with their values. For instance, if you use top-shelf materials that are easily recyclable and renewable, your clients will see this every time they buy from you. However, with any type of packaging, it needs to provide protection, be easy to use and be accessible. So, choosing packaging that showcases your brand and provides a suitable package for shipping, handling, and storing is a fundamental difference maker.

Branded Packaging Tapes versus Branded Boxes

One of the other things that you need to consider when looking at branded packaging is whether you go with branded tapes or branded boxes. Custom printed tapes are a tried and tested method to get your branding out there with the flexibility to use them when needed. Not only is branded packaging tape cheaper than branded boxes, but it is much easier to store. This is because when you order branded boxes or tape with your brand’s image, you normally must commit to buying a minimum quantity. You may also need different sizes of boxes, which means more space to store them. Let’s face it, it is way easier to store 1,000 rolls of branded tapes than 1,000 branded boxes

One of the other things to consider is that you can use branded tape on any box. Whether it’s shipping parts to your customers or small gifts to thank them for their loyalty, your tape will enhance the box. You will always need it, and it can be easily used across different departments and warehouses.

Branded Tape Versus Non-branded Tapes

As we noted above, customized printed tape is a great way to get your brand in front of clients in one of the best ways possible. Tape is something that is often overlooked, and part of it is because of its simplicity. We do not think about the tape, but when it comes to packages, it is an essential part of the process. Using non-branded tape is a missed opportunity, and considering the cost difference between custom-branded packaging tape and non-branded tape, it is a no-brainer.

Advantages of Custom Printed Tapes

Advantages of Branded Packaging Tapes

There are so many advantages to using custom-branded tape for packaging. Whether you are a small business looking to find a packaging solution or an established player in the industry, branded packaging tape could be a game-changer.

Here are 5 advantages of using branded tapes for packaging:

1. Brand Promotion

Custom-branded packaging tape is one of the easiest wins for a company these days. As a supplier, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, you always ship products, and adding a little custom tape with your brand and name will go a long way in the long run.

2. Professionalism

Custom tape provides your brand with a sense of professionalism that is hard to replicate. Everyone has a website and a social media presence these days, but when your clients get an item shipped and packed with care with custom tape, it takes your brand to the next level.

3. Cost Effective

Using custom packaging tape instead of printed boxes with your brand name on them will save you money. In fact, printing your logo and messages on boxes of different sizes is much more expensive than printing your logo on the tape. Not to mention that generic boxes are relatively affordable and can be purchased in smaller quantities to better suit your needs.

4. Space Saving

As mentioned earlier, branded boxes often require the purchase of a minimum quantity. And if you need multiple sizes, that has a direct impact on the storage space needed. While using custom printed tape will also require the purchase of a minimum quantity, rolls of tape will take up much less space in your warehouse.

5. Security

Branded packaging tape provides an easy security measure for your clients. Plain non-branded tape is easy to replace after cutting, but branded tape provides a little extra security against tampering for your customers.

In Conclusion…

Whether you are a small business looking at packaging solutions for the first time or a well-established company looking for a change, branded packaging tape will help you secure your product packaging and save money and storage space while allowing you to promote your brand in a professional way. From finding the suitable tape to getting your logo, name, and brand on the tape, industrial tape specialists can help ensure your tape looks top-notch without compromise.

MPI Matco has years of expertise in manufacturing custom adhesive solutions for various industries. We can offer pressure-sensitive tapes such as custom packaging tapes to meet your brand requirements. Request a consultation with one of our adhesive experts to learn how we can help you promote your brand with custom printed tapes.

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