Benefits of Working with an Adhesive Tape Converter

Benefits of Working with an Adhesive Tape Converter

Adhesive tape converting involves converting rolls of adhesive tape into customized finished products for specific applications. These transformations might include slitting, spooling, die cutting, and printing of adhesive tapes, and much more.

An adhesive tape converting company like MPI Matco works closely with application engineers and manufacturers in various industries to help them optimize their manufacturing processes by creating customized adhesive solutions. We help them select the right adhesive product and customize it to meet their unique application requirements.

But why should you use the services of an adhesive tape converter? Let’s take a look at the six main advantages of working with a reputable adhesive tape converter like MPI Matco.

1. Customized Solutions

Getting a customized solution is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why many manufacturers choose to work with an adhesive tape converter. An experienced converter first works to understand your manufacturing process to better define the challenges you face with your product or assembly. With this information in hand, design engineers can develop the right adhesive solution(s) for your application. Depending on the complexity of your requirements, samples, prototypes and testing of various materials and designs can be carried out to validate the effectiveness of the proposed solution.

A skilled tape converter can modify tapes based on size, shape and other variables to meet your unique requirements. He takes advantage of transformation techniques such as spooling, slitting, laminating, die-cutting and printing, so you’ll have the perfect solution to optimize your process.

2. Enhanced Product Performance

Working with an experienced full-service tape converter means you can meet strict deadlines while getting a high-performance adhesive solution that drives a positive business outcome. With expertise, engineering, knowledge, dedication and access to new technologies, a custom adhesive tape manufacturer can guarantee unmatched product performance. He offers superior solutions and can recommend and provide reliable tapes with unique properties that enhance your product and/or process. So, whether you’re looking for strong adhesion, high-temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation or clean removal, your end product is guaranteed to perform to your expectations.

3. Increased Efficiency

A skilled adhesive tape converter can optimize tape usage and application methods to improve the efficiency of your production line. He can provide tapes in the exact dimensions you need to minimize wastage. Thanks to such customization, an adhesive tape converter can streamline your assembly processes, effectively reducing labor time and increasing overall productivity. All you have to do is to ensure that the manufacturer you’re working with has the material, expertise, facility, and production capabilities to complete your project.

An established tape converter also has one of the best teams of engineers who can develop an adhesive solution quickly and make sure it works right the first time. They use state-of-the-art equipment to increase yield, reduce waste and achieve your design goals more efficiently.

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4. Time and cost savings

A good adhesive tape converter can design effective adhesive solutions to meet unique requirements and specifications while reducing waste and material costs. He often maintains close relationships with tape manufacturers and can benefit from advantages such as better prices, bulk supply and expedited shipping. All these advantages enable him to be more efficient while offering competitive prices to his customers.

What’s more, the experienced tape converter has the expertise and technology to limit the number of interactions with other suppliers, such as printers, saving you time and money. Not only can he cut your adhesive solution to size, but he can also add your brand image and message further promoting cost-effectiveness.

Finally, a custom adhesive tape manufacturer also uses his experience with each flexible material to ensure you can scale your solutions and design for manufacturing (DFM) with some level of automation. All these moves are aimed at ensuring that the conversion process is as cost-efficient as possible.

5. Rapid Prototyping and Testing

When developing new products or processes, manufacturers are sometimes looking for a specific adhesive solution to speed up production processes while maximizing performance. A tape converter can provide rapid prototyping and testing of adhesive solutions. He can create customized tape samples and carry out various tests to ensure that the solution developed is perfectly suited to your application, while being cost-effective and efficient on a larger scale. By providing prototyping and testing services, the adhesive tape converter helps you refine your designs and ensure successful implementation.

Whether you need a polyester film with a silicon adhesive or something unique to your industry, an adhesive tape converter can bring together different materials to suit your needs. With cross-matching carriers, liners, and adhesives, you can always find a custom solution for your specific application. More importantly, the adhesive tape converter will help you produce a prototype and test the product before rolling out a full-fledged production.

6. Fast Turnaround Times

Equipped with specialized machinery, an experienced tape converter can convert adhesive tapes quickly and efficiently. He can handle high-volume orders and deliver customized tape solutions within tight deadlines. What’s more, his many years of experience give him access to tons of tried-and-tested solutions you may need for your project. So you’ll spend less time searching and finding your adhesive solution (your project starts as soon as you give us the details).

And that’s not all. Some tape converters, like MPI Matco, offer a stocking service for your new adhesive solution. This allows you to minimize supply problems that could affect your production line.


An adhesive tape converter offers many benefits to companies in a variety of industries, including manufacturing and food processing. Some of the key benefits of working with an adhesive tape converter include improved product performance, customized solutions, increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, rapid prototyping and testing, and fast turnaround times.

So whether you need a simple adhesive solution or a more complex one, turning to a reputable adhesive tape converter will quickly deliver a superior solution that meets your constraints and budget.

MPI Matco is one of Canada’s leading and most experienced tape converters, with unrivaled expertise in solving adhesion problems across a wide range of industries. We offer slitting, spooling and die-cutting services combined with customized adhesive solutions to meet your unique needs. Contact us to find out how our services can help you optimize your manufacturing process.

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