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Adhesive and Glues Applications for Bus to RV Conversion

Adhesive and Glues Applications for Bus to RV Conversion

Embarking on a conversion project that will see you turn a school bus into a complete RV is scary, but at the same time, very enticing.

It’s scary because of the potential failures you may encounter, and enticing because of the feeling of accomplishment and reward you’re likely to have in the event that you’re successful.

Either way, it is a challenging project, with lots of tiny parts that must come together in a near-perfect manner for you to be the proud owner of an RV.

If you’re planning on such a project, then you already know that you’ll have to tear down various components from the school bus before you bring them together again.

During this process, should you decide that you will not be doing any form of welding, you will have to use sealants, glues, and tapes.

Though a lot is involved with this, here is a brief look at some of the applications of glues, sealants, and tapes you may run into during the course of this project.

Undermount Sink Installation

Your RV will never be complete without a sink. In normal construction projects, you will have to install a sink permanently in the kitchen or bathroom or any other room you may wish to have it.

For RV, however, you also have the option of permanently installing the sink, but due to the inherent nature of the vehicle, welding may not be the best option. A more appropriate route might be to consider using sealants, such as Black Mamba FHG High Tack adhesive. With this adhesive you will not only benefit from the ensuing bond, but also from it’s awesome sealing capabilities.

Sealing Metal and/or Fiberglass Shower Wall

One of the beautiful things about taking your RV to the woods is that you’ll have all the amenities you normally have at home with you.
Unlike normal camping, you won’t need to have a separate shower, since the RV comes with its own showers.

However, to make the RV shower more efficient and functional, proper sealing is required, and this will always depend on the material you use for creating the shower. For example, if the material used is metal or fiberglass, you may consider using Black Mamba FHG High Tack to create watertight seals between the shower glass wall and the shower pan.

The last thing you should ever hope for in your RV is a leaking shower wall or floor, since this may end up causing a recurring inconvenience.

When converting a bus into an RV, there may be several instances where you’ll have to decide which sealing option to use. The above are just but a few areas where you may need to use sealants, glues, and tapes.

The scellant of choice for these applications, depending on what they are, is the Black Mamba FHG High Tack. With it, your applications will have the strength and the durability you desire.

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