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The 5 Unusual Things You Can Do With Masking Tape

The primary application of masking tape is to mark off areas during paint jobs, but it is a versatile type of tape that can be used for a lot of things around the house. If you have some masking tape sitting around in your drawers, here are some of the potential applications to which you can subject it to, for additional convenience:

Labeling food and school supplies

You can save the money you had set aside for buying labels for food and school supplies. You can use masking tape to conveniently label items such as sandwich boxes, food containers, and freezer bags, before storing them in the freezer. The tapes can also be used for labeling your kid’s lunchboxes and other school supplies that would ordinarily need labeling.

Make a highway for kid’s toy cars

If you have children who love playing with toys indoors, you can make their playtime more enjoyable by creating a road for their toys using masking tape. All you have to do is add strips of the tape on the tabletop or on the floor where the kids play, and you will have given them the best roads, allowing them to enjoy their rides to the fullest.

Use it on the vacuum cleaner

With masking tape, you can now use your vacuum cleaner bag twice. Instead of discarding the bag and getting a new one when it is full, simply cut a slit in the middle to empty the contents, then fold along the edges of the slit, and reseal it using masking tape.

Hang party streamers

You can use masking tape to create streamers for your next bash. Unlike the transparent tape that the majority of people use for this application, masking tape will leave you with a clean wall since it won’t leave any residue behind.

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