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Different Types of Duct Tape – Are You Using the Right Type

4 Reasons Why You Need To Have Duct Tape Around

Duct tape is essential for many businesses. It can be used for a wide range of practical applications. It is versatile, and you should always have some around the office, since you never know when it may come in handy. Regardless of whether you have already considered the following points, here are some of the reasons why every office should keep some duct tape around:

Fixing Ducts

This may sound like an obvious one since ducts inspired the tape’s name. You can use duct tape to easily seal any duct within your office or home. Whether there is a crack, or two ducts have been separated, a few rolls of tape around the office, available at all times, is enough to restore problematic ducts.

Fixing Leaks

You don’t have to call your plumber every time you see a leak in your pipes or on the water hose. All you need is to simply wrap duct tape around the leak, to continue using the pipe or the duct. This is a handy temporary solution for small leaks and pipes. This will buy you some time to call the plumber when the leak gets too intense to be held by the tape. This quick fix avoids interrupting your day and will allow you to continue with your essential operations.

Vacuum Repair

If you notice a hole in your vacuum cleaner bag or hose, no need to take it for repairs or even to replace it. With duct tape, such holes can be sealed within the blink of an eye. All you have to do is wrap the tape around the damaged area, and the flow of air will come back to normal again.

Removing Lint

In the absence of a lint roller, duct tape becomes a nice alternative for removing lint from your suit, other clothes, and certain office furniture. Take a piece of duct tape, and press it on the area of the material where the lint is. Pull it off suddenly, and the tape will come off, along with the lint.

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