3M Double-Sided Tape: About and Best Application

3M Double-Sided Tape: About and Best Application

Double-sided tapes are tapes that have adhesive coatings on both sides. They are designed to be used for sticking two surfaces together, and the nature of their construction makes them nearly invisible in the final product. As such, they lead to cleaner results with wonderful displays of better craftsmanship. Unlike screws and rivets, which may come off after some time, double-sided tapes adhere permanently on the substrate and the surface, while spreading the stress load evenly. Their use is wide and varied, as you shall see below. They are used in nearly all industries and applied on different materials, including glass, cardboard, walls, foam, steel, concrete, plastic and wood amongst others.

The anatomy of double-sided tapes

Nearly all adhesive tapes, including 3m double sided tapes, have two primary layers. The adhesive layer can be on one side, or both sides as it is in the case of double-sided tapes. In a typical double-sided tape, there are three main structures, and they include the following-:

The backing – this is one of the main features of a double sided tape. For tapes intended to be used on rough surfaces, tapes with thicker foam may be more suitable. However, if the tapes are for normal applications, then the backing will consist of a thinner film.

The liner – this is what is used to cover the adhesive system in a double-sided tape. It is an important structure of the tape because it makes it simple and easy to apply or to remove the tape. The liners present in these tapes may vary from one manufacturer to another, though some of the best brands will feature paper and filmic release liners, which may also come with additional features.

Adhesive system – this is perhaps the most important feature in a double-sided tape 3m. How good or how effective your tape is will mainly depend on the kind of adhesive system used on the tape. Again, when choosing adhesive tapes, it is imperative that you choose the tape based on the intended application simply because different kinds of surfaces will require different degrees of adhesive for you to get a good result. Still while making your choice of the tape, you should also consider how long and how strong you will want the bond to last.

Practical applications of double-sided adhesive tapes

Since double-sided tapes can be easily applied to the back-side of objects, they have this nice feature of remaining invisible. This is a highly admired feature when it comes to decorative applications such as such putting up posters or light frames on the walls. Along with most kinds of tape being manufactured at this time, their load capabilities have increased tremendously, thus also increasing the scope of their applications. Unlike in the past, you no longer have to damage the wall through drilling so that you can mount your decorative item. All you need is a high quality 3M double-sided tape, and you will be good to go. Here is a brief look at some of the applications of double-sided tapes:

Double-sided adhesive tapes for decoration projects

One of the fields where double-sided tapes are widely used is in the décor industry. Before they came into the picture, décor professionals would use adhesive strips to work their décor, but these had their own shortcomings, especially when it came to the visual appeal of the final product. However, with the use of double-sided tapes, the visual appeal of the final product is always on point because the tape hides completely between the bonding surfaces. In some cases, the bonding is so perfect that no one will ever know that they are two objects stuck together.

Double-sided tapes for industrial applications

There are many industries using double-sided tapes for a variety of applications. It is one of the best bonding solutions used in cars and other electronic devices to hold various parts in place. It is also very common to find double sided tapes being used in screens, loudspeakers, and even mobile phones. When it comes to the manufacture as well as the repair of home appliances, including home electrical works, there is immense use of double-sided tapes. You have probably seen your technician using them while fixing things such as air conditioners, refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. And this is because there is more the double-sided tapes do than just make surfaces stick together.

For example, in addition to offering long-lasting bonding power, double-sided tapes also have a high tolerance to heat, and this is why they can be used in electrical appliances. Secondly, they are designed to dissipate stress owing to their visco-elastic behavior. They can also prevent oxidation processes, humidity attack, and chemical attack. Finally, the tapes are resistant to UV radiation, and this implies that you can safely use them outdoors without worrying that the bonding will be lost after some exposure to sunlight.

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