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10 Important Features of High Tack Application Tape

10 Important Features of High Tack Application Tape

There are different types of tapes you can select from and one of them are high tack application tapes. These tapes are quite popular due to the unique features they have, such as excellent adhesion, good tensile strength, different applications, high resistance, easy removal, superior bonding, and many other features.

In the following sections our aim will be to look at all these features in greater depth.

Features of High Tack Application Tape

There are various features of high tack application tape, let us look at few of the important ones:

  • Excellent Adhesion: These tapes have good adhesion to polyethylene, polypropylene, and stainless steel. Moreover, they offer superior adhesion (such as ester and ether foams) and are able to quickly stick to varied surfaces.
  • Tensile Strength: They have excellent tensile strength and elongation.
  • Varied Applications: The tapes find their application in reinforcing, holding, repairing, sealing, and joining different materials which are difficult to They also find their use in various splicing and bonding applications.
  • Repair Work: These are also used for repairing leaks in air vents.
  • Better Resistance: High tack application tape has thermal, chemical, water, and      abrasion resistance. Such properties help them resist failures, as well as lowers contamination.
  • Easy Removal: These can be easily removed from different surfaces. This way you do not have to worry about adhesive transfer and reworks.
  • High Adhesive Mass: Any high tack application tape comprises high adhesive mass, providing the tape with great gap filling capability.
  • Excellent Resistance: These tapes also have superior resistance to various environmental extremes.
  • Good Bonding: High tack tapes are also able to bond properly to porous or rough
  • High Speed Splicing: These high tack application tapes are the right choice where there is a need to achieve high speed splicing.
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