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Discover the ultimate solution for sink installations with Black Mamba FHG – the premier High Tack Undermount Sink Adhesive that delivers unmatched holding power. Upon contact, our adhesive is engineered for immediate, robust bonding, eliminating the need for clamps and sidestepping delays. Achieve steadfast efficiency and reliability with Black Mamba FHG, designed for professionals who expect nothing less than the best.

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Why Choose Black Mamba FHG?

Streamline Your Workflow with Our High Tack Adhesive

InstantHold BlackMamba

Instant and Enduring Hold

Black Mamba FHG delivers immediate load-bearing capabilities, quickly building up to 350 PSI when fully cured, and promotes a safer work environment with its ultra-low VOC and non-odorous formulation.

Bondsurfaces BlackMamba

Adhesion Compatibility Across Sink Materials:

Tailored to meet the diverse demands of sink installation, our adhesive seamlessly adheres to materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain, and various stone composites, ensuring a versatile and dependable bond.

Temperature BlackMamba

Resistant to Extreme Conditions

With its exceptional UV resistance and flexibility, Black Mamba FHG maintains a perfect seal, standing up to extreme temperatures and conditions, which translates into longevity and reliability for every sink installation.

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Superior Bonding with High Tack Undermount Sink Adhesive

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Black Mamba FHG High Tack Undermount Sink Adhesive in action

Simplifying Installation with Superior Technology

Our unique formula allows for immediate handling and weight-bearing, streamlining the installation process. Fabricators just need to clean the surfaces, apply Black Mamba FHG, and press together. In 10 seconds, you’ll witness the High Tack adhesive create an almost vacuum-like seal that doesn’t let go.

Hear It from the Experts

Real-world proof beats claims. Read what industry professionals say about Black Mamba FHG

“I have been using Black Mamba FHG for years. Never a callback. I can't say enough good about the product..”
Ron Poirier, Rock Solid
Counter Installations
Nova Scotia, Canada
“We are installing lavatories at 2-3 minutes a piece and walking away. We have done at least 90 sinks this month. Hats off to this product."
Scott Burns
SG Granite
British Columbia, Canada
“Black Mamba FHG holds the sink after 10 seconds. Put the glue on, hold it up and center it, after 10 secs, walk away. Full cure after 1 hour.”
Nick Souvannavong
Miracle Stoneworks
Columbus, OH

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